Certification Process

Organic growers aim to produce food as ‘naturally’ as possible.

Scope of Certification and Inspection

Covers the whole product chain and production system


Covers the whole product chain and production system

Other OCCP Information

Information on OCCP upon request

Agricultural Inputs

An overview of OCCP requirements for Organic Agricultural Inputs

Animal Husbandry

An overview of OCCP standards for Animal Husbandry


The Philippine National Standards and OCCP standards for Organic Aquaculture


An overview of OCCP requirements for Beekeeping

Crop Production

An overview of the standards on Organic Crop Production according to PNS 07:2016 and OCCP

Groups with Internal Control System

Farmers group, cooperatives, associations, traders organizing and contracting their suppliers


Fermentation, cooking, use of processing aids/additives and other processes

Trading and Distribution

An overview of the OCCP requirements for Trading/Distribution

Wild Collections

Wild plants which are re-planted in order to make collection more sustainable

Allowed Inputs

List of allowed and restricted inputs to be used in organic production

International Organic Certification

Partnerships with International Organic Organizations

Fair Trade


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